Jessica Leigh Wisneski

2214-A California Avenue

Wahiawa, Hawai`i 96786

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July 18, 2005


To Whom It May Concern:


For the past year, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with one of Hawaii’s most knowledgeable and skillful political minds.  As a young, new advocate working on a progressive political issue in Hawai`i, I had a tremendous amount to learn.  I was immediately delighted to find myself working with a man who shared my strong desire to change the world and the State of Hawai`i for the better, and who also had tremendous communication skills and years of history and experience working in politics. 


Scott Foster was one of my closest mentors while working for Hawai`i Elections Project, the non-profit organization working to educate and inform Hawaii’s citizens, political candidates and legislators about the successful new campaign-financing system of comprehensive public funding of elections now called "Voter Owned Elections."  As Staff Field Coordinator, I worked closely with Scott on all aspects of communication, the website, media, and, most importantly, the ever-changing political strategy. 


Scott has the ability to take a rough draft, whether it be for the website, an action alert to our citizen activists, a column for the local newspaper or a 20+ page grant – and quickly turn it into a polished document.  Time and time again on pressing deadlines, Scott would help craft a communication that was focused, compelling, enjoyable to read, and easily understood.


On the political front, Scott is a master.  We worked well together, sharing an intuitive political mindset.  Along with that, Scott brought a 20-year history of politics in Hawai`i.  He was able to teach me the basics, introduce me to some of Hawaii’s most important political players, and give me the inside track for some of our most important planning and strategic implementations for our 2005 campaign for campaign finance reform. 


More than anything else, I value what Scott was able to willingly teach me as a novice political advocate.  Scott helped me gain the skills necessary to look at political communication, media and strategy with a new-found critical eye; how to frame a message to perfection.


Any organization, group or individual who is fortunate enough to work with Scott Foster will be grateful for his expertise and dedication. Now moving to the Mainland, I know I leave our organization in good hands with Scott as our Communications Director and political advisor. I will continue to collaborate with Scott professionally wherever I may be, and I am certain that we will enjoy a life-long friendship.  I highly recommend Scott Foster for any project or position and you will be more than satisfied with the outcome.





Jessica Wisneski