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THE HAWAI'I PR STORY is a full chapter in "From Silence To Voice" by Boston-based investigative journalist Suzanne Gordon and former NEWSWEEK Bureau Chief, Bernice Buresh. It is a detailed account of the communications strategy designed and implemented by Scott Foster for the 1999 - 2000 Hawai'i Nurses' Association union contract negotiations which produced "...a landmark agreement with groundbreaking and national-trendsetting language." (Both front and back covers view when your browser is open full screen. Complete chapter text will appear below).

Thank you for helping make the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands National Monument campaign a complete success and for your contribution to creating the largest marine protected area on earth. It's an accomplishment you will always be able to view with justifiable pride.

Jay Nelson, for the Pew Charitable Trusts

While some may use tools well, great people redefine their use. Scott Foster is one of the most effective and progressive masters of communication technology and technique since the rise of the internet. He is the type of person I write software for - not the typical user, but the individual who deeply understands and fulfills the potential of communications technology. Scott routinely puts entire marketing departments to shame.

 Kevin Hughes, Member WWW Hall of Fame

  Your communications skills, political sophistication, and professional agility helped make history ...could not have been done without your talent, skill and wise counsel ...Thank you for your leadership and for putting your considerable talent to work on behalf of this important issue. Your ability to work with a range of people, refine and disseminate message and build support in media, legislature and in organizational and public arenas is extraordinary.

Scott Blaine Swenson, Executive Director, Oregon Death With Dignity, Portland, Oregon - Washington DC

  ...high degree of professionalism, motivation, and commitment, ...long hours under extreme pressure and meeting many pressing deadlines, ...strong interpersonal communication skills, ...we were fortunate to have a person of Mr. Foster's ability...

Governor Benjamin J. Cayetano (Hawai'i)

...More than anything else, I value what Scott was able to willingly teach me as a novice political advocate.  Scott helped me gain the skills necessary to look at political communication, media and strategy with a new-found critical eye; how to frame a message to perfection.

Jessica Wisneski, Staff Community Organizer, Hawai`i Clean Elections (2004 - 2005)
  ... your contributions to the legislature of ways to correct and improve the existing no-fault insurance system are noted and appreciated, ... thank you, once again...

Commissioner Wayne Metcalf, Hawai'i State Insurance Division

  His exceptional acumen and intelligence (not to mention his wonderful sense of humor!) are not limited only to academic analysis or theoretical applications (although he certainly excels in those) but also extend to savvy strategic thinking and big- picture, even visionary, planning." "There was not a single day during that three-month period when we did not have media coverage - in fact, we believe our strikes at three hospitals received just as much coverage (and not just local coverage) as any strike in the world in the last decade.

Sue Scheider, JD, Executive Director, Hawai'i Nurses' Union (2001 - 2003)

  Your efforts have kept our issues before the public,... and have played a crucial role in maintaining communications and strength among the striking nurses.

Gail Ramiscal, BSN, RN, Chairperson, CBO Board of Directors, Hawai'i Nurses' Union

Scott Foster delivers the goods. I always know when I call him, he will immediately grasp the often-complex, subtle political circumstances and then write a statement in three or four succinct paragraphs that the public will immediately understand. If you’re looking for an effective, efficient public relations and political resource, hire Scott Foster.

Michael J. Largarticha, President, Musicians' Association of Hawai'i Local 677

  ...very easy to work with, cooperative, knowledgeable about the working press and press procedures, ...rapid research..., depend on Scott to get the job done with a minimum of confusion or waiting.

Ms. Sally White for Starr-Seigle-McCombs

  Thank you for your counsel. Thank you for helping me to navigate the local political labyrinth. It's abundantly clear that everything you did made a difference and I am sincerely grateful. ...look forward to the opportunity to return your many favors.

With gratitude, Shannon M. O'Connell, Emily's List, San Francisco, California

  ...superb marketing and writing skills...

Mr. Tommy Aguilar, Actor-Director, New York City - Honolulu

  We are very excited about the Audubon Society Managing Waimea . . . We were happy with the outcome and hope to continue an excellent working relationship... .

John D. Waihe'e IV, Trustee, Office of Hawaiian Affairs

  ...H.B. No. 2910 incorporates your suggestion, ...I appreciate your writing me and your support for the bill.

Representative Cynthia Thielen (Hawai'i)

  Thank you for having me introduce the auto insurance bill on your behalf.

Representative David Tarnas (Hawai'i)

  ... I very much appreciate your support and encouragement.  I look forward to working with you in the years to come.

U.S. Representative Neil Abercrombie (Hawai'i)

  ...I have no hesitation in recommending Scott Foster, and will gladly turn to him again when the need arises.  He has proved himself a very able counsultant in his work with us over the years.

Dr. Donald Topping, President, Drug Policy Forum of Hawai'i

  ...impressive and invaluable public relations and marketing, releases were eloquently persuasive and dependably effective, ...truly a pleasure to work with such a professional.

Mr. Greg Murray, Senior Partner, the Eastus Group, Dallas, Texas

  ...exemplified professionalism, ...conscientious and knowledgeable, ...honest and forthright...

Ms. Eleanor Liu

  ...consistently impressed with your marketing knowledge and expertise, ...ability to analyze, articulate and put into action...truly unique, ...ability to reach and communicate to a broad spectrum of people...

Mr. Ty Arkoff, Manager, Honolulu Audio & Video Custom

  media and organizational outreach, Scott worked miracles, ...contribution was invaluable...

Ms. Kalali Alalima for the American Friends & the Hawai'i Coalition Against Nuclear Testing

  ...consistent efforts and spontaneous, effective ideas...

Mr. William Dawson, Manager Sales & Marketing, Pleasant Island Holidays

  A victory of over 1400 votes was beyond our wildest dreams, ...Mahalo for helping us pull off THE fundraiser of the year.

Representative Jim Shon (Hawai'i)

  ...formidable communications skills and media savvy ...definitely a team player ... Profoundly loyal, he is an enlightened advocate for open and effective process, for the staunch adherence to ethical principles ...

Richard Port, Chair, Democratic Party of Hawai'i (1994 - 1996)

  "...the media coverage generated by your efforts resulted in a significent increase in participation over what was originally anticipated. The level of public interest was so high that we were forced to close registration to new participants shortly before the event..." "...generated $16,000 in gross receipts."

Jeremy Lam, President, Malama O Manoa outstanding and successful leader, ...a man of integrity, ...committed to achieving results through collaboration with others, ... a good sense of what's socially and politically appropriate, ...professional in his approach and manner.

Senator Les Ihara (Hawai'i)

  Your playful insightfulness and underground guerilla warfare (smile) played a pivotal role in getting the 'powers to be' to move forward.

Jan-Michelle Sawyer - The Sculptor
Liz Rizzo - Artist Representative

  I commend your long personal commitment...on behalf of Hawaii's consumers, ...continue to call upon me for assistance whenever needed.

Mr. Ralph Nader, Washington D.C.

  ...researches issues carefully, makes broad community contact, works well with legislators and delivers effective and trenchant testimony.

Ms. Ruth Ellen Lindenberg for the American Association of Retired Persons

  ...quality of work is outstanding, ...I am honored to have such words as I speak on such important issues...

Representative Duke Bainum (Hawai'i)

  ...instinctive timing, ...highly evolved entrepreneurial and management skills, ...sense of humor makes him a pleasure to work with.

Honolulu City Council Member, Duke Bainum (Hawai'i)

  ...brought exciting new ideas and first-rate organizational skills, ...considerable tact and sensitivity, ...respect and confidence of company personnel...

Mr. Keith Yates, Executive Director, Honolulu Audio & Video Custom

  On behalf of the many concerns raised by you...I have introduced the attached House resolution...

Representative Mazie Hirono (Hawai'i)

  It's people like you sending sound information that helps ...

Representative Mike O'Kieffe (Hawai'i)

  Hawai'i has been in great need for a consumer rights watch dog that can stay on top of the many assaults on consumers' rights and pocketbooks. ...I hope that we will be able to work together on behalf of consumers throughout the state.

Lt. Governor Mazie Hirono (Hawai'i)

  I would like to extend my thanks to you and your organization for providing me with the eight (8) elements of a model car insurance reform bill. I will definitely take these suggested changes into consideration in my deliberations on this issue as a member of the House Committee on Judiciary.

Representative Suzanne Chun Oakland (Hawai'i)

  Thank you for your communications on August 6th and August 8th concerning no-fault auto insurance... ...I look forward to working with you in the months ahead.

Senator Andrew Levin (Hawai'i)